Excitement! Wonder! And possibly even some stories!

Daisee Chain's fanfiction is archived on this site. Due to sharing a server, some of the pages may be slow to download, but they will all get there in the end. Remember that fable about the tortoise and the hare? Well, it... doesn't actually apply here, but it's still a good moral tale. Although personally I prefer the one about the crocodile and the scorpion. And I always enjoyed the story 'Snow White and Rose Red', however that may have just been because of the pictures. But I digress.

Read the fic! Enjoy the stories! But remember, they may not all be suitable for children, and I don't claim copyright on the original characters, shows or books on which the fic are based, so please, stop poking me with the legal stick, and just go have some fun.

I ain'ted dead!

Here, at long last, the update you've all been holding your breath for!

You weren't holding your breath? Really. The faith you have in me is awesome.

Never mind. Read an awesome story instead. Try the new one! Now with 100 percent added text!

New Fic

Uploaded a new fic "Alone Time". Harry Potter fandom, PG-13 with adult themes.


Just a tiny one, but an update nonetheless. New Harry Potter fic; a short character study of Percy.

My mad filing skillz; let me show you them.

The site maintenance seems to have gone smoothly, which is more than I can say for my updating of this site. Currently I'm working on a database of which stories I've placed in which archives and I've been surprised to realise that a number of my stories were up nearly everywhere but here. Huh. Guess that's what you get for being creatively organised :-D

Site Maintenance

This site will be down for a while on Sunday, August 17th, 2008. Just a little maintenance which should be finished by the end of the day. *crosses fingers!*

Additions and Deletions

Added a new Buffy fic. It's slash, for those who feel the need to be warned and not venture into that territory.

This time, there are no strange symbols turning up in place of commas and the like, but for some reason, the site refuses to show the blank line between paragraphs - it has deleted them all. Ditto the summary which usually appears under the title on the links in the right margin. 

I'll get tech support onto it shortly, who will no doubt look at me as if I were a simpleton, and point to the button I should press to make it all work correctly. 

Character flaws

Finally spent some time yesterday fixing the strange characters that had appeared after last 'fixing' my site. Hopefully I got them all, and the stories will now be readable.

I'm going to attempt over the coming days to synch my archive of fic on this site, my hard drive, and the various journals, communities, and fandom-specific archives they are spread over. It's quite an undertaking because I've forgotten where many of them are. I lose ficlets down the back of archives they way most people lose change down the back of a sofa.

There's also some new fic coming. Some shorter than short, some... well, I don't quite know how long those'll be yet. Have to see when we get there. I can tell you there's new HP, B7, FF, DW, and possibly even an SG1/Buffy x-over in the works. In case you hadn't noticed yet, I'm attracted to fictional universes featuring heavily flawed characters. And boy do these shows offer them up on a plate.

Of course my own major character flaw is procrastination, so I must go and get on with it all.

Back up there, buddy!

HAPPY 2008! Laughing

(you'll have to use your imagination for the balloons and party streamers)

May the New Year bring you much joy of a fic-like nature, and many new fandom discoveries.

Well, after a frustrating couple of months during which I could variously not see my site, then see parts of my site, then see other parts of my site but not the first parts, everything now seems to be back up and running. I hope to keep it that way, for most of this year at least.

There are several new fic winging their way to this site, with a new entry in the Dr Who fandom already up. Just click on the link to the right. Or left. Whichever you prefer.

Later, guys.


Grumpy little servers

My livejournal server is a different time zone to my website server.
This is making my website feel very old and grumpy. It will not push a
post to my livejournal because it tell me I am trying to make a post
earlier than the previous post. It tells me to 'use the date out of
order option instead!', which sounds like good advice, only I can't
find one. Either on livejournal or on my website. Never mind. It works
partially at least, which is a fine start.